India Cheetah Project: India’s tiger-faced special plane reached Namibia to bring cheetahs

India Cheetah Project: Cheetahs are making a comeback in India after decades of waiting. After about 7 decades, leopards will appear again in India. Due to the agreement with Namibia, 8 leopards are being brought to India on September 17. This day is also PM Modi’s birthday. Now the return of cheetahs to India is being described as PM Modi’s birthday gift. 

On this day, all the cheetahs will be released in the Kuno National Park of Madhya Pradesh in the presence of PM Modi. Now a special plane of India has reached Namibia to bring these leopards.

This flight from India to Namibia has been specially designed. Pictures of this plane have come out. The face of a leopard is printed on it, which looks very attractive. Eight leopards are being brought to India from this ship. As the country is getting a cheetah after 70 years, it is being seen as an event. Leopards are being brought to India from Namibia’s capital Windhoek on September 16. Among the 8 leopards there are 5 female and 3 male leopards. According to sources, on the morning of September 17, these 8 leopards will land in Jaipur and from there they will be brought to Kuno National Park by helicopter. This will be the first time a carnivore is being transported from one continent to another. In 2020, the Supreme Court gave the green light to import cheetahs from Namibia. Currently, the government has allocated 91 crore rupees for this entire project"budget" href="" data-type="interlinkingkeywords">Budget has been kept.

Special provision for leopards

Let us tell you that the Ministry of Wildlife and Environment has released leopards from South Africa apart from Namibia. Preparing to bring Negotiations between the two countries are at the final stage to bring 12 leopards from South Africa. The African team has also visited India and reviewed the preparations. He is satisfied with the preparations. According to wildlife biologists, a total of 35-45 leopards are necessary to maintain the leopard population in India, so 4 to 8 leopards will be brought to India every year for the next 5 years. Sources said that the environment that the leopard finds in Namibia and South Africa. A similar environment can be found in Kuno, although facilities for cheetahs in India are better than in Namibia and South Africa. Along with this, there is no shortage in the hunting of these foreign guests in Kuno.

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