Important judgment of the Supreme Court on the petition regarding the withholding of salary of MPs and MLAs with criminal background

Supreme Court News: We have no shortage of people with criminal backgrounds in politics (Political News Update). Many leaders with criminal background are members of the country’s parliament (sansad update) and state legislatures. If such leaders cannot be prevented from contesting elections, at least a petition to freeze their salaries was filed in the Supreme Court (Supreme Court).  The Supreme Court has rejected this petition seeking to prevent MP MLA Payment from taking salary. The petitioner had said that if such candidates cannot be prevented from contesting elections, they should not be allowed to draw minimum salary. But a bench headed by the Chief Justice (CJI) said that it is not the job of the court to make laws.

SC rejects demand to stop MPs-MLAs with criminal record from taking salary. The petitioner said that if such people cannot be prevented from contesting elections, then at least they should be allowed not to draw salary. The bench headed by CJI said- Kanun banana court ka kam nahi hai.

— Nipun Sehgal (@Sehgal_Nipun) September 12, 2022

They also have the right to decide the salaries of MLAs and MPs

Government decides to give salary or other facilities to MLAs and MPs. After going to the House, the right to decide these matters is also in the hands of these members. The power to increase or decrease the provisions related to salary and pension is in the hands of MPs and MLAs themselves. It is rarely seen that they have refused to take pension or salary at the risk of their interests. Even some members who are worth billions don’t give up their salary and pension. On the other hand, there were reports of some members refusing their salary. 

Many MLAs and MPs across the country are from criminal backgrounds. Many have serious crimes. All of them are given salary and other facilities from the government treasury even when they have a criminal record. This petition was filed against this. 

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