History: Mexico freed from slavery and Britain’s Great Depression, September 16 witnessed these events

Mumbai: The month of September is important for India as well as for the world. There is also a history of many important events happening around the world on 16th September. On this day, Mexico declared itself freed from Spanish slavery. Today is a very important day for the friendship between India and Bhutan and Bhutan promised that it will not use its land for any anti-Indian activities.

1810- Mexico declares its independence

On this day, in 1810, Mexico declared its independence from Spanish slavery. Spain ruled Mexico for over 300 years.  

1920- Bomb explosion on Wall Street of America, 38 people died

Some radicals bombed on Wall Street in America today. 38 people lost their lives in this. Although it was not solved until the end who exactly did this explosion, some radical organizations were said to be involved in it. Britain was hit hard by the Great Depression.  In the year 1931, there was a financial deficit of 600 million dollars in the British economy. It caused Great Depression in Britain. 

1978- Earthquake in Iran, 20 thousand people died 

A terrible earthquake occurred in Iran on September 16, 1978. More than 20 thousand people died in it. 

1978- Election of General Zia ul Haq as President of Pakistan

Identified as the fourth army chief and the sixth president of Pakistan. It belongs to General Zia-ul-Haq. He was elected as the President of Pakistan in 1978. He was in power from 1977 to 1988. He died in a plane crash in 1988. 

2003- Bhutan’s assurance to India 

The assurance that Bhutan’s land will not be used for any act against India. Bhutan gave to India. Bhutan had taken this important decision in the background of the ongoing latent conflict between India and China. 

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