Himachal Pradesh Election: BJP raised questions on Rahul Gandhi not coming to Himachal for election campaign

Himachal Pradesh Election: Few days are left for voting for the Himachal Vidhan Sabha elections. Allegations are going on in both the major parties BJP-Congress. BJP National Spokesperson Sambit Patra has launched a big attack on Congress in Shimla. Patra has also raised questions on Rahul Gandhi not coming to Himachal Pradesh. Patra said that the Congress has no policy, no will and no leadership. BJP has a vision, on the other hand Congress has a decision.

Sambit Patra asked why Rahul Gandhi does not want to campaign in Himachal Pradesh? Have local leaders rejected him because Congress loses wherever Rahul Gandhi goes. Sonia Gandhi has come for vacation. Himachal is a vacation spot for Congress. While for the BJP, development is the goal. Sonia Gandhi is in Shimla, yet why is she not holding a public meeting?

Many BJP stalwarts are coming to Himachal

From BJP PM Ordinary workers are coming to Himachal. He said that the Congress has no guarantee of its own, what guarantee will it give? It is the guarantee of Congress to oppose corruption and everything. Congress leader Anand Sharma has questioned the guarantee of Rs 1500 per month to women. Congress is the party of ATM. Wherever their MLAs win, their agenda is to do corruption, withdraw money and send it to Delhi. He questioned the guarantee of OPS and said that Congress can guarantee only OCS i.e. only corruption scheme. Along with this, he said that BJP will release its vision paper tomorrow. It will have a big announcement for every section.

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