Himachal Elections: PM Modi arrives in Kangra to attack opponents, if Congress comes, development will stop…

Himachal Assembly Elections 2022: Prime Minister Narendra Modi is on a visit to Himachal Pradesh today. He is addressing the people here from Chambi Maidan in Kangra. Meanwhile, he said that only the double engine government of BJP can provide stability and good governance to the people of Himachal Pradesh.

Congress can never give a stable government to Himachal and never wants to give it. You see, the government has remained in only two-three places. Is there ever any news of development from the Congress state? There are only reports of conflict. Congress means corruption, Congress means hindrance to development.

‘The old tradition is changing, BJP is winning’
PM Modi said that this time the people of Uttarakhand also changed the old tradition and won the BJP. In Uttar Pradesh too, after 40 years, a party won again and came to the government for the second time in a row with an absolute majority. The BJP government has come back in Manipur too.

‘Congress means instability’
We want to create such a political tradition that we do such things in government that the voters give us a chance again and again. So we are working everywhere, at every level for the development and the country. PM Modi said that Congress means guarantee of instability, Congress means guarantee of corruption, scam and Congress means guarantee of obstruction in development works.

PM Modi mentions BJP’s schemes
Central government started Ujjwala scheme, BJP government of Himachal ran Grihani scheme and connected more people with it. Central government launched Ayushman scheme, BJP government of Himachal added more people to Himcare scheme. This is how the double engine government is working.



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