Hijab issue: Who wants to wear bikini, why do you want my girl to remove hijab and…

Asaduddin Owaisi On Hijab: The statement of AIMIM MP Asaduddin Owaisi regarding the ongoing controversy regarding Hijab has come out once again. He questioned whether hijab represents the ‘backwardness’ of Muslims and asked whether Muslim women are not contributing to the development of the country. He said, ‘Whoever wants to wear a bikini should wear it, why do you want my daughter to take off the hijab and me to shave my beard.’

Divided verdicts on hijab ban In his address after, Owaisi said that if Muslim women want to cover their heads, it does not mean that they are covering their intelligence. "He said that Muslims are forcing young children to wear hijab. Are we really forcing our girls?" Owaisi asked several questions about the matter.

Owaisi fumed over Karnataka hijab controversy 

Referring to Karnataka hijab ban controversy Owaisi said, "When a Hindu, a Sikh and a Christian student are allowed to enter the class wearing their religious clothes and a Muslim is barred, they are Muslim students." What do you think about it?  Obviously, they will think Muslims are below us."

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