Heat Wave in India: After 122 years, February was the hottest, there will be intense heat in these months, predicted by the Meteorological Department.

IMD Forecasts Heat Wave Hottest February: In February this year we have already felt the heat of May. Meanwhile, the India Meteorological Department has reported that after 121 years, in February 2023, the rising mercury has broken the previous record. It was the warmest February since 1901. The forecast made by the Meteorological Department regarding the temperature and weather for the coming days is also frightening. The department has predicted intense heat.

In the next 3 months there will be extreme heat

According to the report of Bloomberg, India this year after 1901 The hottest February ever experienced. Senior Scientist of Meteorology Department S.C. According to SC Bhan, the Meteorological Department has predicted severe heat waves in most parts of the country during March, April and May.

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It is clear that India will face hot weather in the coming months. The concern is that last year’s heat wave will continue again this year. This will not only damage the crops, but also risk putting more pressure on the country’s electricity network.

This year’s wheat crop is expected to reach a record level. Due to this, a panel has been constituted by the Ministry of Agriculture to monitor the impact on the wheat crop. Last year, India experienced the hottest March in over a century. At the same time, grain crops were blighted and the government was forced to stop exports.

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