H3N2 influenza admission in Rajasthan, 54 cases confirmed at SMS Hospital, symptoms and preventive measures

H3N2 influenza admission in Rajasthan, 54 cases confirmed at SMS Hospital, symptoms and preventive measures

H3N2- Cases of H3N2 influenza are increasing rapidly in different states of the country as well as in Rajasthan. A large number of patients are reaching hospitals with complaints of cough and fever. SMS Medical College has so far recorded 54 positive cases of H3N2 influenza. But only 15 to 20 people are being sampled daily. According to doctors, this flu can be avoided by taking special precautions. After Haryana and Karnataka, Rajasthan is also witnessing a rapid rise in H3N2 influenza cases.

Patients of this flu are arriving in hospitals across the state. However, hospitals are not sampling the virus at this rate. A large number of patients are also reaching the state’s largest SMS Hospital in Jaipur every day. Only 15 to 20 patient samples are being taken daily at SMS Hospital. According to SMS Medical College, 54 cases of H3N2 influenza have been reported since February. According to doctors, every third-fourth patient coming to the OPD is suffering from this virus or related symptoms.

Dr Puneet Saxena of SMS Hospital said that patients are reaching the hospital with complaints of nasal congestion, cold, sore throat and fever. He said that H3N2 flu patients complain of prolonged cough after high fever. He said that now most of the light cases are coming. According to doctors, this virus belongs to the flu category. With the change in the weather, the number of its patients is also increasing.

The fever usually lasts for 3 to 4 days. But in some cases the fever is not getting better even in 6 to 7 days. In patients affected by this virus, the cough starts after the fever breaks and lasts for a long time. Pneumonia is also developing in some cases. It is being told that the number of patients with symptoms of this virus is not being tested in the hospitals of the state.

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Doctor Puneet Saxena of SMS Hospital said that this virus can be avoided by taking precautions. To avoid this virus, distance should be maintained from patients with cold and cough. People should maintain social distance. Masks should be used in crowds. Concerns have increased after the news of death of patients due to this virus. Due to the change in weather, the number of cold-cough-fever patients is increasing. But sampling is not being done in hospitals.

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