Gujarat’s Mundra port has become a drug hub, then why is Punjab notorious? Know how much drug has been recovered so far

Drugs Smuggling From Mundra Port: Gujarat’s Mundra port has become notorious for supplying drugs. Only a few months pass that the news comes of the seizure of a consignment of drugs from Mundra port. This is the same port from where drugs worth 21 thousand crore rupees were recovered. On the other hand, e-cigarettes worth crores of rupees are also seized from this port every day. In this news we tell you how many drugs and e-cigarettes have been recovered from Mundra port in the past.

Drugs worth 21 thousand crores

In September last year, drugs worth Rs 21 thousand crore were recovered from Mundra port. The NIA team has so far arrested 24 accused in this case. NIA is also investigating terrorist links in this case. The role of people associated with the Taliban is also being seen in a special way. Sources in investigative agencies say that the Taliban is ready to do anything to earn maximum money in a short time.

Drugs worth 20 crores

Drugs were brought from Afghanistan at Mundra port in Gujarat, which were sent to Delhi from there. Gujarat ATS and Crime Branch of Delhi Police have recovered drugs worth around Rs 20 crore by conducting a joint operation. In this case, the investigating agencies are also investigating from the narco-terror angle. The investigating agency had arrested an Afghan citizen from Delhi’s Vasant Kunj area with heroin, whose name is said to be Wajidullah. A large consignment of drugs was also recovered from Noida and these drugs also came from Mundra port.

Heroin worth 376 crores

Kutch district of Gujarat. About 75.3 kg of heroin has been seized from Mundra port. Director General of Gujarat Police Ashish Bhatia said that on close inspection of 540 bags of clothes kept in the container, heroin powder was found in 64 of them. Let us tell you that the value of 75.3 kg of heroin seized by ATS is estimated to be around Rs 376.5 crore in the international market.

Foreign cigarettes worth 17 crore recovered

On May 6, the Directorate of Intelligence Revenue (DRI) arrested three people, including the managing director of a shipping company, in connection with illegal imports from Mundra port. According to the investigation agency, foreign brand filter cigarettes worth around Rs 17 crore were imported.

First 20 crore and now 48 crore e-cigarettes were exported 

On September 18, it was reported that DRI teams from Surat and Ahmedabad have seized e-cigarettes worth Rs 48 crore in a joint operation. It was told that the DRI team inspected two containers that arrived at Mundra port from China, in which e-cigarettes worth Rs 48 crore were found. Along with this, a few days ago, 85 thousand e-cigarettes were found in a container at Mundra port, the market value of which is said to be 20 crores. Gujarat’

Former Congress president and MP Rahul Gandhi has also targeted the government on this issue. Recently he had given a statement, "Gujarat has become a drug hub and all the drugs are coming out of Mundra port, but your government is not taking action here, what is the reason? Drugs are found every 2-3 months at Mundra Port, which are destroying the future of the youth of Gujarat."

‘Mundra port has become a hub for drug smuggling’

Senior Supreme Court lawyer Prashant Bhushan has also raised many questions on the government. He said, "Adani’s Mundra port in Gujarat has become perhaps the world’s largest drug smuggling hub! In the last one year, drug smuggling worth more than 20 thousand crore rupees has been caught here on several occasions, yet no action is taken? Any guesses? Why?"

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