Gujarat Election: On the last day of election campaign, CM Mann claims, AAP will form the government with a huge majority in Gujarat.

Gujarat Election 2022: Chief Minister of Punjab Bhagwant Mann in the first round Gujarat elections, he claimed that the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) will form the government in Gujarat with a huge majority in the results to be announced on December 8.

Limbri on Tuesday. , addressing huge gatherings at various road shows including Botad, Surendra Nagar, Dasada and Viramgam, Chief Minister Mann said that this time the people of Gujarat will vote to bring change in the system. They will not decide the fate of candidates but will write their own destiny and vote for the better future of their children.

He said that the way people of Delhi and Punjab voted for change and

He said that for lack of any alternative, BJP was running the government in Gujarat for decades. But now people have ‘Aap’ is an option to elect an honest government, which will not only bring development, new schools and high quality health facilities to the people but also ensure that these corrupt leaders are held to account for their actions and scams.

He said that Congress and BJP leaders looted the country’s money more brutally than the British, but AAP in the state. After the formation of the government, party supremo Arvind Kejriwal‘s leadership will work diligently for the all-round development of Gujarat.

He reiterated that ‘AAP’ It will clean the dirt spread in the political field across the country including Gujarat with a broom. Mann said that his party’s competition is not with Congress or BJP, but with AAP. The fight is against corruption, unemployment, rising inflation, paper leaks and lack of basic facilities for the people of the state.

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