Gujarat Election: Like Kejriwal, Mann also arrived in Gujarat with zero electricity bills, know what he said

Bhagwant mann: Citing the current model in Delhi and Punjab, Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann declared that in Gujarat

Wednesday During a press conference on 25 thousand consumers of Punjab electricity ‘zero bill’ Presenting, Chief Minister Mann said that ‘AAP’ Does not make false promises but does what they say. He said that ‘Aap’ On the contrary, BJP tries to fool the voters with election slogans like 15 lakh.

He said that 61 lakh out of 75 lakh families in Punjab were given ‘zero bill’ has come and more than 71 lakh people will benefit from free electricity in January due to winter and low power consumption. Similarly, the people of Delhi get free electricity and the people of Gujarat also get “AAP”. This benefit will start from March, 2023 on the formation of the government.

‘Rewari Culture’ Targeting the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) for its comments, Chief Minister Mann said that giving back taxpayers’ money to them was ‘free rabble’ is not He said that ‘AAP’ is a pro-people party and works for the welfare of the common people, while the BJP led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi only wants to ‘write off the debt of its capitalist friends’ does.

He said that the way ‘Aap’ He has arranged funds for providing free electricity and construction of mohalla clinics in Punjab and Delhi by curbing corruption, similarly he will provide good basic facilities to the people of Gujarat. Mann said that the Punjab government stopped the multi pensions given to the former MLAs and now this money of taxpayers is being used for public welfare. That 6.5 crore people of Gujarat are ready for change and ‘AAP’ Will form the government with an overwhelming majority by ending 27 years of misrule in Gujarat.

The Chief Minister said that the people of Gujarat have been deprived of basic facilities including good education and health facilities due to BJP’s rule for the past 27 years. The youth in the state are unemployed and inflation is continuously increasing but the BJP has done nothing to improve the situation and its leaders have only been filling their coffers. The Chief Minister said that Punjab’s ‘AAP’ The government has restored the old pension scheme which was discontinued in 2004 for its employees and has also given six percent Dearness Allowance (DA) to protect the working class from the ever-increasing inflation.

< He said that in the same way, the state government gave more than 20,000 government jobs only on the basis of merit and the process of regularizing the jobs of 36,000 raw employees of the state is going on. The government has constructed 100 Aam Aadmi Clinics in Punjab to provide good and free treatment to the common people at their doorsteps and in the coming days this number will be increased to 500.

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