Good news for the poor! Liquor will be available on the mobile app…

Delhi Liqour APP: Good news for liquor lovers in Delhi. The government has launched a new mobile app. With which you will get the information about the liquor shop in the city. The name of this app is ‘M-Abkari’ (Delhi M-Excise App). In this app, you will not only know about the liquor store, but here you will also be updated about the liquor brand as well as the dry day.

Get liquor through the app

Let us tell you that this app has come to the Google Play Store from September 1. You can easily download it from here. Coming soon to iOS. In the app, you will also find all the information about the retailers in the area and their shop opening and closing times. Two languages ​​Hindi and English are given in this app so that everyone can get information from it.

Scanner tool will be available in the app
Giving information about the app, an official said that in this app There will be information about liquor availability, list of retailers and their timings. Along with this, a scanner tool is also reportedly provided to check the authenticity of the liquor. Let us tell you that under the old policy implemented from September 1, around 300 liquor stores will be opened. This will increase the number of liquor shops in the national capital to 700 by December 1. Brewing beer and selling it on a large scale has also started. Let us tell you that a shop has opened in the Saket area of ​​Delhi, which will not only brew and drink fresh beer but will also supply it to the surrounding areas. Apart from this, a company from Jammu has also applied to manufacture draft beer.

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