Girl walking on the streets hopes from CM Shivraj, demands to name Bhopal ‘Bhojpal’

 Bhopal News: These days in the capital Bhopal, a young woman is walking around the roundabouts and streets of Bhopal with three changes. The girl’s demand is to change the name of Bhopal to Bhojpal, provide better treatment for children suffering from thalassemia and make India free from obscenity.

Talking to ‘ABP Sahind’, the girl said that she has no expectations from the Indian government but has a lot of expectations from CM ‘Mama’ (Shivraj Singh Chouhan). They will certainly fulfill all three of my demands.

Let us tell you that a girl named Devwani Priyantha Rajput is walking on the streets of Bhopal with planks in her hands in the scorching sun. This girl is walking around with placards at many intersections sometimes including the Polytechnic intersection and sometimes the BJP office. Girl Priyanka Rajput says that obscenity is spreading in the country because of actress Urfi Javed. This obscenity should be completely banned.
This appeal to the students of Bhopal 
< br />Devwani Priyanta Rajput told ABP that she wants an obscenity-free India. Because we want to give good education to children. They want to bring children forward to make India the world guru. Only with the contribution of children will India become a world guru. I want to tell the students of Bhopal that you should not waste your time on wrong activities. If you want to waste time then make a reel on India’s history, ancient civilization and culture, make it viral. /strong>
The girl Priyanka Rajput said that we have to make efforts to make the world accept India as a guru. Education needs to be improved. The image of our country is being tarnished with obscene words. These things must stop. All the districts and regions of our India, whose names are not history, should be renamed. Bhopal should be changed to Bhojpal.

"Mama ji fulfill my demands"

Girl Priyanka Rajput said that thalassemia is a very serious disease. I appeal to Mama ji and the Government of India that if the Government of India does not fulfill my demands, then at least ‘Mama ji’ fulfill my demands, because I am her niece. I want health facilities for thalassemia to be increased.

  Common people are supporting

Girl Priyanka Rajput said that many business class people pass here but they don’t pay much attention to me, because they don’t care. The girl had to stand in the sun. They only care about their lives but yes, I would like to appreciate the common citizens of Bhopal. They also stay close to me and support me.

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