Gaganyaan Mission: ISRO gets success, human rated development engine test campaign for L110 stage successfully completed

ISRO Human Rated Vikas Engine Test Campaign: The Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) has got another success for the Gaganyaan human space flight program. ISRO has successfully completed the test operation of the Human Rated Vikas Engine for the L110 stage of the Gaganyaan programme.

ISRO calls the test a milestone  

ISRO achieved significant achievements in the last three years

According to ISRO, the Vikas engine uses storable propellants in a pump-fed gas generator cycle. The hot tests of the engine were carried out in a step-by-step manner at the Principal Test Stand of IPRC. 14 warm up tests of 9 engines were carried out for a total duration of 1215 seconds, which included four long duration tests of 240 seconds each. ISRO has been able to complete the human rated L110-G development engine qualification within a short span of three years. The tests were conducted in the presence of ISRO chief S Somnath and all other senior officials.

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