G20 Kashmir Meeting: Big meeting of G20 in Kashmir on Monday, tight security arrangements

G20 Kashmir Meeting: Big meeting of G20 in Kashmir on Monday, tight security arrangements

G20 Kashmir Meeting: Kashmir is ready for the G20 meeting. The Sher-e-Kashmir International Convention Center (SKICC) on Srinagar’s Dal Lake has been decorated to welcome over 60 delegates from 25 countries and around 100 tourism industry people.

< p style ="text-align: justify;"> Due to the threat of terrorist attack here, the security has been made very strict. Both the roads leading to SKICC have been closed for general traffic for the next two days while programs to visit Gulmarg and many other places had to be canceled due to the large number of delegates. 

Many countries associated with OIC will participate
According to G20 Coordinator Harshvardhan Singla, this will be the biggest meeting of G20 even though some countries will not attend the meeting. This will also help dispel the propaganda about Kashmir as many OIC countries are also participating in this meeting. 

Tableau of development in Kashmir 
At the same time, taking full advantage of this opportunity, the Jammu and Kashmir administration will present the tableau of development in Kashmir in the last few years in front of the delegates. In this program, where a new policy of tourism will be prepared in the country and the world, an exhibition of goods prepared by women who have become new entrepreneurs in the last three years has been kept inside the Rural Livelihood Mission of Jammu and Kashmir.&nbsp ;

Craft market also organized
Kashmir’s handicrafts are famous all over the world, so the Jammu and Kashmir administration has also organized a big craft market in the G20 meeting. Not only the exhibition of handicrafts of Jammu and Kashmir has been kept here, but arrangements have also been made for how this handicraft is prepared. Along with shawls and carpets, paper mache and copper wares are also kept here.

The guests coming to the G20 will reach Kashmir in a special flight from Delhi on the morning of May 22, after which there will be a day-long meeting on eco-tourism. There will be a meeting on film tourism on 23rd May. After the meeting, a final white paper will be prepared for the last meeting of tourism ministers, which will be held later this year. Since getting the presidency of G20, 146 meetings have been held in India so far. This meeting to be held in Kashmir will not only be the biggest, but will also help in ending the misinformation being spread around the world about Kashmir. 

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