G-20 Meet In Kashmir: These 5 countries are facing problems due to G-20 meeting in Kashmir, Bilawal got advice from the public

G-20 Meet In Kashmir: These 5 countries are facing problems due to G-20 meeting in Kashmir, Bilawal got advice from the public

G-20 Meet In Kashmir: A meeting of the G-20 Working Group on Tourism is being held in Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir. Srinagar is decorated like a bride to welcome her. A glimpse of the strength of the G-20 is visible on the walls of the city. Till May 24, 180 foreign guests will enhance the glory of the G-20 conference being held in Srinagar. China and Pakistan are shocked to see India’s international power. 

G-20 to 5 countries got chilli

Bilawal Bhutto reached PoK to lament against this meeting and spewed a lot of venom. Not only Pakistan and China, some other countries are also affected. These include Pakistan’s religious leader Turkiye. Saudi Arabia is at number four, then number five comes from Egypt. These five countries are strongly opposing the G-20.

After getting the support of China, the Pakistani Foreign Minister set out to oppose the G-20 in Pakistan’s Unauthorized Kashmir (PoK). Bilawal must have thought that perhaps he would be able to divert the attention of the public from the bad condition of the country, but the people of Pakistan showed him the mirror. 

People’s advice to Pakistani rulers

When the Pakistani media asked the people there about their opinion on the opposition to the G-20, they gave such an answer which even the rulers of Pakistan would be surprised to hear. People said that if you look at India’s Kashmir, then you can know how it is progressing. What kind of projects is India setting up there. On the other hand, if we look at Pakistan-occupied Kashmir, we are earning almost nothing from what we had to earn from here. We should give up insistence on Kashmir.

A Pakistani person while giving advice to the rulers of the country said that earlier the big powers used to consider Pakistan as their slave. Now Saudi Arabia and UAE also consider you a slave. Your internal fight is so much that you have already lost the case of Kashmir. Our (Pakistani) Finance Minister is saying that the increment of government employees will be given only when the IMF approves the budget. So why would any country fight your battle.

Question raised on Bilawal’s experience

Pakistani Foreign Minister is trying a lot but no one listens to him. He is brought up by an experienced and worldwide popular leader like PM Modi. Even the people of Pakistan are knowing this. There, while questioning the capability of Bilawal Bhutte, the people there say that Bilawal has spent his whole life in England. They don’t even know Urdu properly, how will they raise our issues. The people of Pakistan say that we should not oppose India. Because there is no match between Pakistan and India. Pakistan is going towards slavery. The Pakistani public is also fed up with the army and is saying that from General Ayub to General Asim Munir, no one follows the constitution and law and is doing whatever they want.

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