Free Ration Scheme: Will the free ration scheme end or be extended? Why is it being discussed?

Free Ration Scheme: In the year 2020 Covid in countries around the world including India (Covid-19) was introduced. In 2020

It is believed that the free ration scheme has benefited the BJP a lot in the elections of many legislative assemblies. The UP elections held in February this year is an example of this. The current deadline of the scheme ends on September 30. On March 26 this year, the period of this scheme was extended till September 30. The period of this scheme which started in April 2020 has been extended 6 times till now.
The deadline of the scheme is coming up at a time when there are some challenges on the front of availability of food grains in the country. According to government data, areas such as eastern Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Bengal and Jharkhand have recorded a shortfall of 1.8 million hectares in paddy, the main crop of the monsoon season this year. It is likely to have an impact on paddy production this year as well.

According to the data released by the Ministry of Food on Twitter today, 1000 beneficiaries will be given 1000 80 lakh per month per person is 5 kg under this scheme. Crores of beneficiaries will be given free food grains.

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