Farmers Conference: Rashtriya Lok Dal’s farmer conference cancelled, Article 144 imposed in Shamli district, RLD attacks BJP

RLD Farmers Conference Cancelled:

Section 144 applied in Shamli district

Satyapal Malik has retired from the post of Governor on Friday (September 30) after completing his five-year tenure. He was going to attend the farmers meeting on October 3. However, the administration has refused permission for this meeting. The leaders of RLD have alleged that Section 144 was imposed at that place as Satyapal Malik was going to attend the meeting. It is also alleged that this is a conspiracy of BJP. Rashtriya Lok Dal MLA Asraf Ali and Sadar Shamli MLA Prashant Chaudhary have informed that the Kisan Samelan has been cancelled. Section 144 has been implemented in Shamli district. Therefore, the meeting to be held on October 3 has been cancelled. In this meeting, RLD National President Jayant Chaudhary and Governor Satpal Malik were to come on the same platform.

RLD accuses BJP

RLD MLA Asraf Ali has accused the BJP of conspiring to cancel the Kisan Samelan. He said that BJP does not want RLD to raise the issue of farmers. Also giving another reason for this, he said that Satyapal Malik was also coming in support of RLD in this meeting. Which BJP could not tolerate. That is why Ali has said that BJP deliberately applied Article 144 in this area.

Farmers meeting postponed

RLD MLA Prashant Chaudhary alleged that our party had informed the district authorities for the permission of the assembly regarding the farmers meeting, after which the administration imposed Section 144 in the area. Currently, Section 144 has been implemented in Shamli district. MLA Prashant Choudhary informed that the party has decided to postpone the farmers meeting. Governor Satpal Malik would also participate in the event. So Chaudhary has alleged that the administration has applied Section 144.

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