Fact Check: ‘Corona’s sub-variant BA.5 has a profound effect on the brain’, know the truth of this claim

Fact Check News: Covid has created a stir in many countries including China. In such a situation, special precautions are being taken regarding Corona in India. Meanwhile, various rumors are also being spread on social media about the sub-variant of Corona. One such viral news was termed as ‘misleading’ by PIB’s fact check unit. has concluded.

Some news reports are speculating that the evolving Omicron sub-variant ‘may be fatal for the brain’#PIBFactCheck:

▶️ This claim is MISLEADING

▶️ The relevance to humans has not been proven by the study referred to in the news report. pic.twitter.com/6Dx0NeJaTA

— PIB Fact Check (@PIBFactCheck) January 2, 2023

Indeed, a news that has gone viral on social media is saying that the BA.5 sub-variant of Corona’s variant omicron can be ‘brain-deadly’. Reacting to this on Twitter, PIB’s fact check unit said that the news is misleading and nothing like that is happening. No such thing has been proven in the study.

What did the report say?

One media report said that researchers believe that the coronavirus subtype BA.5 growing in China may have evolved to attack the brain. The South China Morning Post reported that the study challenges previous assumptions that viruses are generally less dangerous. corona virus suggests that it attacks the brain.

The report said that several studies have shown It has been shown that BA.5 is more infectious than other omicron subvariants and Covid-19 can also survive vaccination. This variant is found in more than 100 countries. Outbreaks of this variant are being seen in countries like China, Japan as well as America and the United Kingdom.

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