Explained: Why is Rajnath Singh’s visit to Egypt important for India?

The famous Greek philosopher Socrates said before drinking the cup of poison, "Sometimes you don’t build walls to keep others out, but you want to see who tries to break them down."Yes, if we look at the politics and diplomacy of the world, those words of Socrates spoken centuries ago will be seen even today.

Compared to the population and power of India, the oldest civilization in the world- There is a small country with culture – Egypt, whose population was less than 10 million until five years ago. Egypt is officially part of the Arab Republic which means it is a Muslim country and most of it is located in North Africa. while its Sinai Peninsula forms a land bridge between Southwest Asia. Therefore, Egypt is a transcontinental country as well as a major power center in Africa, the Mediterranean region, the Middle East and the Islamic world. This official name of Egypt is in the ancient Arabic language in which the Holy Quran is written.

You will be a little surprised to know what is happening in that small country where our Defense Minister Rajnath Singh today viz. Arriving on Sunday on a three-day tour. Let us tell you that India’s annual trade with Egypt is worth billions of dollars, but the big thing is that the two countries have jointly built the ‘Helen 300’ fighter jet. It means that a small country is fulfilling India’s basic defense needs so enthusiastically, but its name never hits the media headlines. Is it because it is a Muslim country and our rulers don’t want any attention? However, only the rulers sitting in the government can answer this and maybe this time they will have to explain it.

However, those visiting this country with 70 oldest pyramids in the world Defense Minister Rajnath Singh himself tweeted on Saturday and said that he will be on a three-day visit to Egypt from Sunday September 18. He also said that he is looking forward to holding talks with his counterpart General Muhammad Ahmed Zaki to further strengthen defense cooperation between the two countries. Meanwhile, the two ministers will review bilateral defense relations. During his visit, Rajnath Singh will also meet the President of Egypt, Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi. Yes, so we need its technology and cooperation in the same way that we are forced to extend our hands before the two major powers of the world. Meanwhile, Rajnath Singh will explore new initiatives to strengthen army-to-army ties and focus on deepening cooperation, the Defense Ministry said. Apart from this, the two countries will also sign an agreement to further boost defense cooperation. How to stay safe So let us tell you that Egypt is the country which is counted among the biggest investment destinations in India. If we talk about now, at present more than 50 Indian companies are working in Egypt, which have created about 40 thousand jobs. These companies are in agriculture, chemical, apparel, energy, automotive and other important sectors. Currently, there is a trade of 7.26 billion dollars between the two countries. In the field of defence, India’s defense cooperation with Egypt has grown significantly in recent decades.

Indian Air Force has also trained Egyptian pilots but the most notable thing is that two months ago i.e. July There was an important meeting between the officials of the two countries in the capital city of Cairo, the news of which no one would have seen. What happened to the news channel? So we know that in this the officials of both the countries agreed to promote bilateral trade. In the same meeting, it was also decided to set the target of increasing the annual bilateral trade between the two countries to 12 billion dollars in the next five years, which was agreed upon by both the countries.

Now you Consider it a major achievement of the Modi government’s foreign policy or not, but the other side of the coin is that no matter how much hatred is being spread in the name of Hindu-Muslim in the country, they ignore it. We believe in prioritizing country. Rajnath Singh’s visit to Egypt is also a recent example of this! But also remember that the same Socrates also said that "If you want to be a good horseman, choose the most unruly horse, because if you control it, you can control every horse." Perhaps Modi government’s foreign policy is also following the same path?

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