Exclusive: ‘I will break Salman Khan’s pride’ – Lawrence Bishnoi spoke to ABP News, big revelations made in Sidhu Musewala murder case, know 10 big things

Exclusive: ‘I will break Salman Khan’s pride’ – Lawrence Bishnoi spoke to ABP News, big revelations made in Sidhu Musewala murder case, know 10 big things

Lawrence Bishnoi On Sidhu Moosewala Murder Case: Gangster Lawrence Bishnoi has made a shocking revelation about Punjabi singer Sidhu Moosewala murder case. In an interview with ABP News from jail, Lawrence Bishnoi explained why the murder of Sidhu Musewala was planned and who was involved. Along with this, he also talked about threatening Bollywood star Salman Khan. Let us tell you what else Lawrence Bishnoi said in ‘Operation Durdant’ of ‘ABP News’…

1. Gangster Lawrence Bishnoi told that Sidhu Moosewala was killed by Goldie Brar. He had everything planned. I was also angry with Musewala because he supported our rival gang. Punjabi singer Sidhu Moosewala was shot dead on May 29 last year in Mansa district of Punjab. The investigation revealed that gangster Lawrence Bishnoi is the mastermind of this murder. His close gangster and friend Goldie Brar has claimed responsibility for the murder.

2. About Musewala’s murder, Bishnoi further said that I knew the murder was going to happen, but I was not involved in the planning of the murder. Goldie Brar along with my gang members killed Moosewala. We had avenged the murder of Vicky and Gurlal. Both were like brothers to me. Gurlal was Goldie’s younger brother. Those who killed him, Musewala used to walk with them and save them.

3. On the threat to kill Salman Khan, Lawrence Bishnoi said that Salman Khan should apologize to the people of our society for killing the black buck, otherwise it will also be given a strong response. He has not yet apologized to our society. I have a grudge for them since childhood. Sooner or later we will crush their pride. They will have to come to our Ishta temple and apologize. He also offered money to people in our community. We will kill Salman Khan not for fame but for purpose.

4. Where did this phone come from and how was it possible to connect with ABP News while in jail? On this, Lawrence Bishnoi said that there are many loose points in the jail, phones get lost here and there. This is how we manage in prison. We want to present our side. Negative things are being said about us in the society. We are being called terrorists and project a different image. In such a situation, we wanted to keep our word. I’m not that good at speaking, never spoke on TV. Please excuse me if there is any mistake.

5. On entering and leaving the world of crime, Lawrence Bishnoi said that man’s circumstances are such that he commits crime. No one knows where he will be born. The environment that a man gets from the beginning or what he is taught, he becomes like that. According to this I have also committed a crime and am serving 9 years in jail. I want to leave the world of crime. I went to jail in connection with the university case.

6. On the Moosewala murder, Lawrence said that when Moosewala was murdered, a friend from Canada told him over the phone. I was sleeping at that time. After being remanded here, I learned that Goldie had killed Musewala. Then my phone went off. My gang boys were in touch with Goldie Bhai. Goldie bhai is running my gang.

7. Lawrence Bishnoi said Goldie Brar is saddened by the murder of Vicky and Gurlal, so am I. He is fighting from outside. I have not avenged his murder, but my people have. Musewala was forming a syndicate in Netagiri and forming a gang against us. Those who killed Vicky-Gurlal will now have to take revenge. Musewala had influence in the Congress government. He was strengthening our opponents.

8. Bishnoi said that Musewala was protecting the people involved in Vicky’s murder. He (Musewala) probably wanted to become a don, to turn his songs into reality. Where did the murder money, AK-47, grenades come from? Bishnoi said Goldie and Sachin had links with an arms smuggler in UP, from where the weapons were found. The plan had been in the works since Vicky’s murder in August 2021. We take money from liquor merchants. This money comes from liquor contracts. We collect extortion from liquor traders who black liquor in Gujarat and Bihar. We get their information from other criminals who come inside the jail.

9. Sidhu Moosewala, Lawrence said that we did not threaten Moosewala’s family. We have nothing to do with his family. Musewala’s father has to contest, so he speaks against us. They talk about taking revenge on us, we don’t care. They have put many singers in jail for no reason.

10. Opposing the demand for Khalistan, Lawrence Bishnoi said that we are against Khalistan and those who talk about dividing the country. Me and my gang are not terrorists or traitors, we are nationalists. We also want to work for the country. I want to come out and serve by building a cowshed. Currently my younger brother is building a cowshed, when I come out or get a chance I will also build a cowshed.

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