Electricity Subsidy: If you want electricity subsidy in Delhi, then you have to miss call on this number, CM Kejriwal announced.

Electricity Subsidy:  Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has made an important announcement regarding electricity subsidy. The CM has said that if you want electricity subsidy, you have to give a miss call on a phone number, after which you will get the form. The new rule regarding electricity bill will be applicable in Delhi from October 1. In this, only those people who want will get subsidy on electricity bill. CM Arvind Kejriwal said that there were some people who did not want subsidy. That is why we said that those who do not want the subsidy should tell, then from October 1 only those who want the subsidy will get it. Now you have to do electronic registration for it. Everyone has to fill a form to appeal for this, they will get the form along with the bill. The subsidy will continue if you submit the form.

Some people don’t want free electricity. Now only those people in Delhi will get electricity subsidy who will apply for it. You can start applying today. https://t.co/fCde5PiYU3

— Arvind Kejriwal (@ArvindKejriwal) September 14, 2022

They said we are also giving a number and call it. The number is 7011311111. Call, then the form will come and fill and submit, then the subsidy will continue.

He said that earlier there was a lot of power shortage in Delhi. But we got the system ready and now Delhi is getting electricity 24 hours a day. Electricity is being provided free of charge. All this is happening because of the radical honest government. Arvind Kejriwal said that 47 lakh consumers in Delhi get subsidy. There are 30 lakh people who have zero bills. 16-17 lakh people are like that, half of their bills come.

How to get the form?
When you call the phone number 7011311111, So the phone will be disconnected after one ring. Then you will get a message from BSES, after clicking on which the WhatsApp chat box will open. Also, after selecting the language, you have to enter your CA number, after which the registration form will appear in front of you.

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