Election Commission: Major action of the Election Commission on fake political parties, 86 parties out of the list, know the reason

Election Commission Of India:  The Election Commission of India has removed 86 registered unrecognized political parties from its list in a major operation. Along with this, 253 other registered unidentified parties have also been placed in the inactive list (253 declared inactive). It has been said on behalf of the commission that these parties have not contested any assembly and parliamentary elections since 2014 and have not responded to any of the 16 notices sent by the commission.

The commission has also barred these parties from giving any benefit under the Election Marks Order, 1968. All the parties that have been prosecuted are from Bihar, Delhi, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Telangana and Uttar Pradesh.

Number of parties removed from the list of the Election Commission
Earlier in the month of May and June this year, the Election Commission had removed a total of 198 registered non-recognized parties from the list. . Thus the total number of political parties removed from the list has become 198+86=284. Let it be known that Chief Election Commissioner Rajiv Kumar and Anup Chandra Pandey are taking continuous action against fake political parties, under which this major action was taken against many parties on Tuesday.

The Commission has said that if any political party is aggrieved by this order of the Commission, it can give its reply to the Election Commission or the Election Office within 30 days. Recently the Election Commission wrote to the Revenue Department for action against more than 2100 registered unrecognized parties. On the request of the Commission, the Income Tax Department has recovered more than Rs 4000 crore worth of property and cash of fake political parties through raids across the country.

What are the rules
The party has to contest elections within five years of its registration by the Election Commission and thereafter. If the party does not contest elections for six consecutive years, the party will be removed from the list of registered parties. Therefore, the Commission, in fulfillment of its mandate to ensure a fair, independent, impartial and transparent electoral process, hereby directs that the 86 defunct RUPPs be removed from the list of the Register of RUPPs and they Will not consider himself responsible.

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