Egypt-Israel Historic Peace Agreement and International Bamboo Day, Know What Happened in History on September 18

MUMBAI: Egypt and Israel, arch-enemies of each other, signed a historic peace treaty on September 18. The agreement between these two countries surprised the whole world including the Arab countries. Israel and Egypt were bitter enemies. There was an angry reaction from the Arab nation at that time on the role of Egypt’s Anwar Sadat. Let’s know what happened in history on September 18, 

1180-  Philic Augustus King of France

1502 Christopher Columbus reached the coast of Costa Rica.

1810- Chile Declared itself an independent country

Chile, a Latin American country, declared itself independent by shaking off slavery from Spain.

1812- Fire in Moscow, 12 thousand people died

On this day in 1812, a terrible fire broke out in Soviet Russia. As many as 12 thousand people died in it. This fire in Moscow destroyed more than half of the city. 

1851- The New York Daily Times started

1899- Death of famous Bengali writer and Bengali reformist Rajnarayan Bose


1919- Women get the right to vote in Holland

1947- National Security Act enacted in India 

On this day in India, the National Security Act was enacted in 1947. < /p>

1950 Shabana Azmi’s birthday

Today is the birthday of Shabana Azmi, who left a mark on the Indian film industry with her acting. Shabana Azmi is the daughter of famous poet and lyricist Kaifi Azmi and wife of famous lyricist Javed Akhtar. On this day, in 1978, a peace treaty was signed in Egypt. The then US President Jimmy Carter played an important role in this agreement. Egyptian President Anwar al-Sadat and Israeli Prime Minister Menakam Begin signed the agreement. Egypt’s deal with Israel shocked Arab nations. Egypt was the first Arab country to sign such an agreement with Israel. 

1986- A woman pilot flew an airplane for the first time

On this day, a woman pilot flew an airplane for the first time in India. This flight was on the route from Mumbai to Goa. 1992- Mohammad Hidayatullah passed away. ;

2009 International Bamboo Day Celebration

To promote the production of bamboo globally, September 18 was declared as the International Bamboo Day. This was announced in 2009. The aim is to promote the benefits of bamboo and promote its production. India is the largest producer of bamboo after China and 131 species of bamboo are found in India. 

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