Drone Movement: How to identify the drone? BSF gave training to school children

Jammu-Kashmir: Pakistan has been continuously using drones across the border to deliver money, weapons and drugs to terrorists active in Jammu and Kashmir. BSF in Jammu has now prepared common people as well as school children to deal with this drone conspiracy of Pakistan. Jawans and officials are introducing drones to school children. In this program conducted by BSF, the school children were not only shown the drone but also taught the skills of what can be done to detect the drone.

By BSF A special camp is organized for children

These BSF jawans and officers organized a special camp here to identify the school children of drones and familiarize them with the sound of drones. According to BSF, the purpose of this camp is to thwart Pakistan’s drone conspiracy. After the snowfall in the Kashmir valley, now Pakistan is not only sending weapons and drugs to active terrorists through drones from the international border in Jammu, but in many cases, it is also working to deliver cash to the active terrorists here.

Identity of drone told to school children

BSF is claiming that to deal with the conspiracy of drones on the border, the BSF has taken action on the border ’ And modern equipment has been installed, while common people living in villages are also playing an important role in detecting drones. According to the school children who reached this camp, they had heard about drones but today they were given information about how to detect drones and what to do when they are detected.

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