Doodle for Google 2022: Google’s ‘Doodle’ competition, Kolkata’s Shlok emerges as the winner

Doodle for Google 2022: On the occasion of Children’s Day, search engine Google has displayed a special doodle on its homepage instead of the title. Google always displays such doodles on the occasion of different festivals. Which are designed by the company’s creative team. But today the doodle seen on Google Home is made by Shloka who lives in Kolkata. Shlok has been selected as the winner of the ‘Doodle for Google’ competition. He has also received a special award on Children’s Day. Shlok is studying in Delhi Public School in New Town, Kolkata.

Google organizes a doodle competition every year. In which children get a chance to show their imagination and talent. This year, 1,15,000 children from across the country participated in the Doodle for Google competition. An online poll was conducted to select the best doodle among them. Kolkata student Shlok Mukherjee’s entry received the most votes as the winner. He is then declared the winner. 

According to the information given by Google, this year the students of class 1st to 10th in 100 cities across the country were given an opportunity to make a Google Doodle. The theme of this year’s competition is ‘How will my India be in the next 25 years?’ Ali was kept. Children doodled how they imagined India after 25 years and what changes they would like to see. Shlok strikes a balance between science and nature in his paintings and also includes Yoga-Ayurveda in his doodles.

Shlok titled his doodle ‘India on the center stage’. About his doodle, Shlok said, “In the next 25 years, scientists in my India will develop their own eco-friendly robots for the betterment of humanity. India will have regular space travel from Earth to space. India will further develop in the field of Yoga and Ayurveda and become stronger in the coming years.”

Darmen, the competition was conducted in four different groups. Students selected as winners of the Doodle for Google competition receive a scholarship of $30,000 (about Rs. 24 lakhs) from Google. They are also given a t-shirt with their doodle art, a Google Chromebook and a digital design tablet.


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