‘Don’t speak against the government, don’t reveal my dark deeds, I will make you the vice president’…Wow Modi ji…You have turned out to be a good artist, the laughingstock of Congress.

Satyapal Malik Vice President Claim : Governor of Meghalaya Satya Pal Malik is always in discussion about his statements. Satyapal has many times openly criticized the BJP. He has raised questions on many policies of PM Modi. Recently, he even said that some people told him that if he stops speaking against the Centre, he can be made the Vice President. Now the Congress has targeted PM Modi over his statement.
On Sunday, the Congress tweeted and wrote, “Modi ji’s Ravadis: Don’t speak against the government, my blacks.” Don’t reveal the exploits, I will make you the Vice President.” Meghalaya Governor Satya Pal Malik said – I had an offer from the Modi government to stop telling the truth, I will make you the Vice President. Wow Modi Ji Wow… You turned out to be a great artist."


Modi ji’s mob:

Don’t speak against the government, don’t open my black affairs, I will make you vice president.

Meghalaya Governor Satyapal Malik said – I want Modi government The offer was that stop speaking the truth, I will make you the vice president.

Wah Modi ji wah… Aap toh big artist nikle.

— Congress (@INCIndia) September 11, 2022

Satyapal Malik criticized the Center several times

Indeed on many occasions the Center Satyapal Malik, who has openly criticized, has made a bombshell claim on Saturday. He said that he was given an indication that if he did not speak, he would be made the vice president. he said, "But I’m not like that. I speak what I feel." He said that Vice President Jagdeep Dhankhar ‘deserves’ There are candidates.
The Meghalaya governor had recently criticized the Center on various fronts, including the renaming of Delhi’s ‘Rajpath’. He said that it was a pity that it was not needed. On the other hand, on raiding the leaders of the opposition, he said that there are many people who deserve to be raided in the BJP too.
Malik praised Rahul Gandhi
Let us tell you that Satyapal Malik’s claim to be made Vice President has come a day after Rahul Gandhi’s praise. Satya Pal Malik has said about the Bharat Joko Yatra of the Congress that Rahul Gandhi is doing a good job and this yatra will bring some good results for the country.

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