Dog Bite Case: 3 dogs bit a child together in Ghaziabad, local people made this demand

Dog Bite Case: The fear of dogs has increased in Delhi NCR. Many cases of dog bites are constantly coming to light, due to which the life of common people has become difficult. People have started avoiding going out of their homes. Because of dogs, people do not send small children to play, while the elderly are afraid to leave the house.

Recently, 3 dogs attacked a 6-year-old child in Ajnara Jain X Society in Ghaziabad. . After which the child was immediately taken to the hospital. Child’s mother Seema says my child is in shock after the dog attack. Afraid to step out of the house and repeatedly asking me why the dog bit me?

‘Where will we go?’
They said we buy houses in gated societies. That we can live there safely. But if dog attacks continue to increase like this, where will we go? Nivedita Tiwar, who lives in the same society, says that my 1-year-old innocent girl has been attacked by dogs several times. Lovers have started feeding these dogs meat, after which these dogs have blood in their mouths and they have started preying on children. That is why there is fear in our mind.

Several cases reported in Delhi NCR
Several cases of dog bites have been reported in the last few days in all areas around Delhi NCR. They have been attacked many times by pet dogs. Sometimes street dogs also become aggressive towards people, due to which people have become disturbed. In such a situation, the common people are appealing for help from the administration.

What is the demand of the people?
People suffering from the fear of dogs want a separate place outside the society to feed the dogs. should be made, where all the people give food to the dogs so that the dogs do not enter the society. Those dogs should be prevented from entering the society so that children can play safely and the elderly can also go out. The people of the society say that the dogs should be vaccinated so that if the dogs become aggressive, they can be taken for treatment.

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