Dodged death twice in 7 seconds, you will be surprised to see the video

Viral video: Always be careful while driving on the road. Accidents on the road cannot be predicted. In such a situation, no matter how much caution is taken while walking on the road, any person can be a victim of an accident. In this regard, every state government and district police are continuously conducting an awareness campaign.

Due to the increased inclination of people towards social media in recent times, the police administration has also used social media to warn people to be careful on the road. It seems to be appealing. Delhi Police shared a video on Twitter urging people to wear helmets while riding motorcycles.

God helps those who wear helmet!#RoadSafety#DelhiPoliceCares

— Delhi Police (@DelhiPolice) September 15, 2022

The video is going viral

Actually this video is of a road accident, in which it is stated that  Why be careful while riding a bike and how important it is to use a helmet. A car can be seen in the video, which is on the side of the road. Due to the sudden acceleration of the car, the bike rider coming at high speed from behind could not control himself and collided with the car. Damage

The biker then falls to the ground and drags him a long way. Wearing a helmet, he is not seriously injured and gets back on his feet. Meanwhile, after the motorcycle hits the pole, the pole falls directly on the biker’s head.

Twice saved in 7 seconds

As soon as this happens Once again the biker fell to the ground. Along with this, due to wearing a helmet, he was saved again this time. In this way, that person is seen to defeat death twice in just 7 seconds. At present, the positive effect of this campaign of Delhi Police is being seen. Users are seen talking about being careful while walking on the road.

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