‘Dialogue between Judiciary and Executive is necessary, not show off’, why did CJI Chandrachud say this

CJI At Gauhati High Court: Chief Justice of India (CJI) DY Chandrachud said that constitutional statesmanship requires discussion and dialogue between the judiciary and the executive instead of public appearances. Speaking at the platinum jubilee celebrations of the Gauhati High Court on Friday (April 7), the CJI said, “The constitutional power for judges and citizens is reflected in the values ​​of the Preamble to the Constitution – fraternity, dignity and equality.”

CJI said that the legitimacy of the judiciary lies in the trust it receives from the citizens. This trust is determined by only one factor whether we become the first and last choice of citizens in times of crisis and need.

Citizens trust Judiciary more

The Chief Justice also said, “All the three organs like executive, legislature and judiciary are engaged in the work of nation building, but the trust of the citizens on the judicial side is highest in terms of judicial independence. Justice Chandrachud said that The role of the judiciary is to ensure that law and administration uphold justice, not subvert it.

Law should have a touch of humanity

The CJI said, “The law should have a touch of humanity and should always be used with sensitivity to remove the root of the problems.”

He said that when the law is sensibly implemented and interpreted in the hands of judges who have a sense of social reality and compassion in law enforcement, it is a step towards realizing justice. Goes on. 

He said, “A human touch is necessary to ensure that the law protects the interests of all. When law is carried out without principle it can bear the brunt of arbitrariness.”

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