Demonetisation: Court’s right to review demonetisation decision Supreme Court slams central government and RBI

Supreme Court on Demonetisation : Against demonetisation petitions have been filed in the Supreme Court and the hearing of the filed petitions is going on. A hearing was held in the Supreme Court on Tuesday as well. At this time, the court reprimanded the Center and the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) and raised questions. Justice S.A. A five-judge constitution bench headed by Nazir said during the hearing that if the matter is about economic policy, the court has the right to review the decision. As it is a matter of economic policy, it does not make sense that the court will sit idly by on this issue.

Reserve Bank of India (RBI) lawyers said that judicial review cannot be applied to monetary policy decisions. Then the court’s comment slammed the central government and the RBI. The bench said that the court has the right to consider and review the decision and procedure taken by the government.

Demonetisation on 8 November 2016

Central government had demonetized on November 8, 2016, now six years have passed since this decision. This decision of the Center has been challenged in the Supreme Court. 58 petitions have been filed against demonetisation, the Supreme Court is hearing these petitions. Justice S.A. A five-judge constitution bench headed by Nazir, Justice B.R. Gavai, Justice AS Bopanna, Justice V. Ramasubramaniam and Justice B.V. Nagarratna is also included.



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