Delhi News: The most dangerous and angry pit bull will be banned? This organization made a demand from the government

Delhi News: A woman was bitten by a pitbull dog in Lucknow, the capital of Uttar Pradesh, after which the woman died. After this incident, the fear of pit bulls has increased across the country. After Lucknow, there have been cases of people being bitten by pit bulls in many other states, after which the animal rights organization PETA India has raised a demand to ban the pit bull breed.

What does PETA have to say?- PETA says that like many countries, the Indian government should ban the pitbull breed. It is worth noting that the breeding of this breed is prohibited in many countries. Along with this, PETA India says that pit bulls are being misused in many states of the country. For example, fights are organized in many places, for which people are incited. Thus, PETA India has demanded to ban the pitbull breed in the country.

Demand to stop the breed- It should be said that recently there were cases of pit bulls biting children in Ghaziabad, in which the children were seriously injured. Apart from this, a woman was attacked by a pit bull in Gurugram, after which PETA India has demanded to stop the pit bull breed in India. Let us tell you that there is a ban on this breed in about 41 countries like England, France, New Zealand, Poland, Denmark.

Considered dangerous- Let us tell you that Pitbull is considered to be the most aggressive and dangerous in the world. He is very angry, his physical appearance is quite dangerous to look at. In such cases, it is used in combat in many parts of the country, although it is illegal.

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