Delhi News: Education Minister and Mayor of Delhi inspected the MCD school, reprimanded the principal after seeing mismanagement

Delhi Mayor Inspected School: Delhi’s Education Minister Atishi and Municipal Corporation Mayor Shaili Oberoi did a surprise inspection of the MCD school located in Wazirabad village on Monday (April 10) morning. During the inspection, he found that the condition of the school was pathetic due to lack of proper cleanliness. In some classrooms children are forced to sit on the floor while in some classrooms parts are being used as storerooms to keep junk.

The existing benches of the school have not been cleaned properly, dust has accumulated on them. Seeing this condition of the school, Education Minister Atishi and Mayor Shaili Oberoi reprimanded the school principal and said that all the problems related to cleanliness in the school should be rectified immediately, otherwise be prepared for strict action against them.

Mayor gave ultimatum to suspend

Mayor Shelly Oberoi said that the poor condition of cleanliness in the school shows the insensitive attitude of the school administration towards the future of the children studying here, which has no place in our government. Giving an ultimatum to the principal and the education officer regarding the negligence and filth in the maintenance of the school, he asked them to run the school responsibly, otherwise be ready for suspension.

The minister was shocked to see the plight of the school

During inspection it was found that in one class the children were forced to sit on the floor. And in another classroom it was seen that half of it was covered with a pile of old broken desks. The floor of the classroom is broken and mosquitoes are breeding in one corner.  The desk which is present is covered with dust. The condition of the school toilet is also worse and its doors are also broken. It was also observed that drinking water is also not available in the school.

Atishi accuses BJP

He said that this MCD school is the result of BJP’s rule in MCD for the last 15 years. The BJP has only done the work of destroying schools in its entire MCD rule. It is clear from the dilapidated rooms, broken desks and poor system of the school that for so many years MCD only played with the future of the children.

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