Delhi Excise Policy: ‘The country runs on the constitution and law’, Manoj Tiwari asked what Manish Sisodia is afraid of

Delhi Liquor Scam Case: BJP is constantly attacking AAP for arresting Deputy CM Manish Sisodia in the Delhi Liquor Policy case. BJP leader Manoj Tiwari also lashed out at Sisodia. During a conversation with ABP News, he asked what Manish was afraid of. Why does he not want to answer CBI’s questions. During the remand, he had a chance to present his case before the CBI but he has nothing and that is why he is getting nervous. 

Manoj Tiwari said that this action has not been taken against the Education Minister but against the Liquor Minister. Taking a jibe, he said that the money that the government had earned from liquor, why was it not invested in the schools. They should have come to the court and presented their case. Today they are demonstrating on the streets. In this way, any accused can get acquitted by mobilizing his supporters on the road instead of the court. He said that the country is run by the constitution and law. Those who are supporting Aam Aadmi Party are petty leaders who are surrounded by allegations. This is not opposition unity. 

‘Man can be tricked, not God’

Even before this, BJP leader Manoj Tiwari, while replying to a tweet by Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, had said that one can deceive a human being, but not God. No matter how deep the roots of the crime are, no matter how careful you are in committing the crime. But if God is watching the sin, then one way or the other its evidence is found. Actually, Kejriwal had tweeted that many CBI officers are also against the arrest of Sisodia. On this, Tiwari retorted that similar fake news regarding IB was also spread in Gujarat. Everyone knows that what you write is fabricated. 

You had spread such fake news about IB in Gujarat too.. Now everyone knows that whatever you write and say is fabricated.. Let the law work, the liquor minister’s liquor scam will be investigated soon. It will grow further, this is also your fear, isn’t it?

— Manoj Tiwari 🇮🇳 (@ManojTiwariMP) February 27, 2023

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