Delhi Accident: A speeding BMW killed a person in Delhi, the female driver was arrested

Delhi Accident: A speeding BMW killed a person in Delhi, the female driver was arrested

Delhi BMW Accident: The fury of high speed was seen in Delhi’s Moti Nagar area. Here on Sunday (May 21) around 4 am, a woman driving a BMW car hit a person riding a scooty. After the accident, the car driver himself took the victim to the nearby ABG hospital. From where his relatives took the victim to ESI Hospital but the person died during the treatment.

In this case, the police registered a case under section 279/337 and 304A and arrested the accused woman. Currently, the accused woman has got bail. The 36-year-old deceased, who is said to be a resident of nearby village Basai Darapur, was on his way home with medicine. According to police sources, the woman hails from Ashok Vihar and was returning home from Greater Kailash after attending a party.

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Police has also conducted a medical examination of the woman, only after her report comes, it will be known whether she was intoxicated or not. Also, the police are scanning the CCTV footage of the vicinity after the incident to ascertain the speed of the car at the time of the accident. The BMW vehicle that caused this terrible accident has been seized by the police. By looking at the condition of the vehicle, it can be estimated how terrible the accident was. Both the front side headlights are completely damaged. Both the front seat airbags of the vehicle are deployed and the rear window glass is broken. A generator was also kept at the place where the accident took place, in which the car overturned and the generator overturned and hit the road boundary. The road boundary was also damaged due to the collision. A tailor used to sit at this place even during the day, if this accident had happened during the day, this tailor could have died.
Tailor Jit Lal Das said that when I came in the morning, I saw that the extent of the wall The generator was turned on. I sit where the generator fell. If this accident had happened during the day, I could have lost my life, but my life was saved.

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