Defense News: Emphasis on strengthening operational preparations, Indian Army issues tender for gun-missile

Army Tenders For Indigenous Weapons :  The Indian Army is continuously being strengthened to better deal with every crisis and situation in the future. Army has gun  (Gun)  , have issued tenders for emergency procurement of missiles and drones. To fight future wars with indigenous weapons, the Indian Army has issued tenders for procurement of weapons and various other systems from domestic manufacturers.

The government in the month of August this year strengthened operational preparations. to allow the defense forces to procure critical weapon systems under emergency procurement powers.

Tenders for indigenous arms and equipment

The Indian Army said that we have invited the Indian defense industry to offer critical defense equipment for emergency procurement. Proposals are being made for guns, missiles, drones, counter drones, communication and optical systems, engineering equipment and alternative energy sources. According to the Indian Army, this process will be based on a limited time frame.

Delivery will be within 1 year. The Army has said that under this process, the procurement window for Indian industries will remain open for 6 months. Along with this, Indian industries will have to deliver equipment and indigenous weapons within one year of signing the contract. The army has also said that the entire procurement process will be based on open tender investigation. To meet the needs of the army, emphasis has been placed on developing military equipment and weapons under Make in India for some time. Going.


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