Death of more cubs of cheetah ‘Jwala’ in Kuno National Park, so many cheetahs have died so far.

Death of more cubs of cheetah ‘Jwala’ in Kuno National Park, so many cheetahs have died so far.

Two more cubs of Cheetah Jawala have died in Madhya Pradesh’s Kuno National Park. Two days ago, one of his children died. Jawala gave birth to four children in March this year, three of whom have died. Three cubs and two large leopards have died in Kuno National Park so far. The forest department team is trying to ascertain the cause of death.

What the forest department says

Jwala and her cubs should be cared for by a team of wildlife doctors. had been In a statement issued by the Principal Chief Conservator of Forests of Madhya Pradesh, it has been stated that in view of the unusual condition and heat of the three children, the team of doctors was saving them and keeping them under their supervision. But despite all efforts, he could not be saved.

According to the statement, one remaining child has been kept at Palpur Hospital, where he is undergoing continuous treatment. Experts from Namibia and South Africa are also being consulted in this. According to the statement, the mother of these children, Jawala, is healthy and she is also being monitored.

Kuno Cheetah Project in National Park

This project is brought to Kuno National Park in Sheopur district of Madhya Pradesh to resettle cheetahs and increase their tribe. The leopards brought from Namibia were released by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the enclosure of the park on his birthday last year, but the population of leopards in Kuno National Park is decreasing instead of increasing. In such a situation, the preparation of shifting the leopards from here to Rajasthan is being discussed or suggested.

Leopards are continuously dying in Kuno National Park. After the death of female cheetah Sasa in March, followed by the death of female cheetah Uday in April and the death of female cheetah Daksh, three cubs of female cheetah Jawala have died so far. in The National Park, the monitoring team and the experts accompanying them are only engaged in the supply of food. Three leopards have died in Cha Kuno National Park, while three children have also died. Now once again questions are being raised on this success. of the Cheetah Project.

Where did the cheetahs come from?

The cheetahs were brought to Kuno National Park in separate consignments, first from Namibia and later from South Africa. was isolated, for which various smaller enclosures were created, all of which were shifted and released into larger enclosures at different times.

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