Death of a leopard cub in Kuno National Park, so many leopards have died so far

Death of a leopard cub in Kuno National Park, so many leopards have died so far

Kuno National Park: Another sad news has come out of Kuno National Park, where one of the 4 cubs born to female cheetah Jawala has died. However, the cause of death has not yet been revealed. On the other hand, on the death of this child, the forest officer of Kuno National Park said that the cub of a female cheetah named Jawala has died. A team from the forest department is trying to find out the cause of death.

Prime Minister brought this project in Kuno National Park to resettle leopards and increase their family in this national park but Kuno Leopard families in the national park are decreasing instead of increasing. In such a situation the cheetahs should be shifted. Preparations or suggestions are being discussed from here to Rajasthan.

Leopards are continuously dying in Kuno National Park. After the death of the female cheetah Sasa in March, then the death of a cheetah named Uday in April and then the death of the female cheetah Daksh, the cub of the female cheetah Jawala has died today. From these continuing deaths, it is clear that the monitoring team and the experts accompanying them in Kuno National Park are only busy working.

Also Read: Punjab Police became hi-tech! Green flag for 98 new hi-tech EVR vehicles for police stations Serious questions are also being raised on the methodology of the authorities. Three leopards have died in Kuno National Park in the last two months, while a cub has also died. With the continued decline in the number of leopards in Kuno, the success of the Cheetah Project is once again being questioned.

20 leopards left now

Within two to three months, the female cheetah Sasha died, followed by the male cheetah Uday and then the female cheetah Daksh. After the death of three cheetahs and a cub, 20 out of 24 cheetahs are now left in Kuno, of which 17 are males, females and 3 cubs. -Several shipments were brought to Kuno National Park. Along with this, all the cheetahs were quarantined, for which different small enclosures were constructed, in which all were shifted and released for different periods of time in the larger enclosure.

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