Data Protection Bill: Companies will not be able to use people’s personal data, the draft provides a fine of up to 250 crores

Data Protection Bill: The government has introduced the draft Digital Personal Data Protection Bill, 2022. It is introduced to make the digital world safer. Now a company has to get permission to use your personal data. Along with this, a provision of penalty of up to Rs 250 crore has also been fixed for misuse of data. Suggestions and objections have been sought from all stakeholders for this draft. It is being told that the government


For data storage, servers in the country or friendly Can only happen in countries. The government will release the list of these friendly countries soon. Government agencies and organizations will be able to retain data for an unlimited period of time. A board will be constituted for data protection. The orders of the Board will be mandatory, although an appeal can be made to the High Court.

Draft Digital Personal Data Protection Bill

The Bill is defined in the draft as – "A bill for the protection of any kind of data".

Data cannot be used without your consent
Companies will give all details in clear and easy language to every digital citizen.
Customer to withdraw his consent at any time. Right to
Provision of fine up to Rs 250 crore for misuse of data
Government can exclude agencies or states from its ambit in national interest if it so wishes.
Server country for data storage in or in friendly countries.
Government will soon release a list of these countries.
Government agencies and organizations will be able to retain data for an unlimited period of time.


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