Cyber ​​frauds: Indian youths are being cheated by Chinese mafia, tortured in the forests of Myanmar with the lure of jobs

Cyber ​​frauds : Many cases of Indians being cheated by Chinese people through fake loan applications have come to light. In this, shocking information has come to light that Indian youths who are looking for employment are being kept in Myanmar on the pretext of employment by the Chinese mafia. Mumbai Police recently busted one such cyber scam. In this whole case, the Bandra Police has arrested a foreigner from Lucknow on the complaint of Shaan Mansuri, a young man. On the other hand, Tamil Nadu Chief Minister MK Stalin has written a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi requesting to bring back around 300 Indians stuck in Myanmar. 250 to 300 people from Maharashtra alone have been trapped in this and more than fifteen hundred citizens from various states of the country are currently in jail in Myanmar, the families of the victims have claimed.

Chinese mafia uses all social media sites including Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram to contact unemployed youths looking for employment. They promise employment with the name of reputed foreign companies. For this, youth are assured of employment according to their educational ability. The company provides offer letter, joining letter and other things to the youth so that there is no doubt in their mind. They are then promised work in Thailand. After these youths reach Thailand, they are taken through the jungle to Myanmar. They are then held in detention centers built in the jungles of Myanmar. In the name of love, cheating is done by people who are in jail. Imprisoned people are asked to hide their identities and talk to people and are asked to invest in cryptocurrencies. For this every person is given a specific target. If one does not meet this target, he is beaten. Electric shock is also given.  
Shan Mansuri in the complaint lodged with the Bandra police said that  his three friends were taken from the Mumbai airport first to Thailand and then through the jungle to Myanmar. Shan Mansuri was going to Thailand with a group of 20 people. All these people were going to Thailand from Mumbai in a group. But in time, Shan’s friends informed that he was stuck in Myanmar and then Shan lodged a complaint with Bandra police. Shahbaz Khan, Saqib Ali Syed and Yakub Syed, three of Shan’s friends, traveled from Mumbai to Thailand earlier this month and then to Myanmar. Currently, he is in Myanmar. 

Meanwhile, considering the seriousness of the whole matter, the central government has issued an advisory urging job seekers to stay away from online scams. 

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