Covid-19: Will not the fourth wave come? Corona cases will reduce from this date! Shocking claim of expert amid rising cases

Covid-19 In India: The three waves of Corona have created upheaval in the lives of the people of India, the country has still not forgotten that time. Meanwhile, the rise in daily cases of corona in the country has once again created fear in the minds of the people. However, experts say that there is a need to be careful about the surge in corona cases, not to panic.

Experts say that the current spurt in Covid cases is not a sign of a new wave. This bump is mild and may subside in a few days. Probably from the second week of April, the decline in corona cases may start.

These people need extra care

Expert has advised those people who are already suffering from some serious illness or who are elderly patients to take extra precautions. The risk of such people getting infected is high. Experts explain how the current surge in Covid cases is different from the previous three waves.

According to experts, the pattern of the virus is the same as it was 3 months ago, even then the cases were increasing in the same way. This time due to the fear of influenza, people are going to hospitals and during this their corona test is being done. This is the reason that more corona cases are being reported.

In conversation with India Today, Dr. Shuchin Bajaj said, “It is impossible to say anything about any date regarding Kovid-19 in India. These also keep on changing day by day with the rapidly increasing number of COVID-19 cases.

In 15-20 days the figures will again fall at the top

Kovid expert says that it is important to understand the difference in virus pattern from the previous wave as they can help us in making measures to prevent virus infection. As per the past trends, the surge in corona cases may reach the top in the next 15-20 days. After that it will start coming down.

Experts give the example of the current boom for this. According to him, the number of Covid cases is increasing, but its pace is slow. It doesn’t appear to be highly contagious, otherwise the numbers could have been much higher in the last two weeks."

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