Court’s decision, ‘Sex for money is not a crime, but in a public place…’

Court’s decision, ‘Sex for money is not a crime, but in a public place…’

Mumbai Court On Sex Work: The sessions court of Mumbai has ordered the release of a female sex worker caught in February 2023 in a raid by the Mumbai police. While acquitting the woman, the court said, sex for money is not a crime provided it is not being done in a public place.

Indeed, the Mumbai police raided a brothel in February, where They recovered a 34-year-old woman accused of sex work, and then detained her in a shelter home. Now on the petition of the woman, the session court has ordered the shelter home to release her.

What did the court say?

Release order While giving it, the court said that the petitioner is an adult and the police report does not show that the woman was found engaging in sex work in a public place. So the victim is free to live and move anywhere.

If the state is apprehensive about this, if the woman is allowed to leave the shelter home, she may engage in sex work again. On this argument, the court said, the state has no right to affect the liberty of a man/woman merely on the ground that she will again engage in any such activity of sex trade. The court said, it is not right to detain a sex worker on the basis of probability.

The court further said, the woman who has been detained has two children. , who are minors, in such cases the children need their mother, the police have also kept the woman in the court against her will, which is a violation of her. There is a violation of rights. Therefore, on the basis of the instructions of the Supreme Court regarding sex workers, the woman is allowed to be released.

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