Coronavirus New Variant: Corona spreading again in the country, how to know whether it is XBB 1.16 or H3N2 infection?

Coronavirus New Variant: Corona spreading again in the country, how to know whether it is XBB 1.16 or H3N2 infection?

H3N2 and XBB 1.16 Infection: Once again a surge is being seen in the cases of corona in the country. The XBB 1.16 sub-variant is believed to be responsible for the increasing cases of Kovid. According to INSACOG data, a total of 76 cases of Corona’s XBB 1.16 variant have been found. These could be the reason behind the recent increase in cases in the country. The maximum number of cases of XBB 1.16 sub-variant have been reported from Karnataka and Maharashtra.

On the other hand, H3N2 influenza has also become fatal. According to the Times of India report, the death toll from H3N2 Influenza infection has increased to 9. In Maharashtra’s Pune city, a 73-year-old man died on Friday (March 17) due to this virus.

On the other hand, two new cases have been registered in Gurugram on Saturday (March 18). Between January and March 19, 451 cases of H3N2 have been registered, after which the state governments have come on alert mode. Schools in Puducherry have been closed till March 26. 

Differences between H3N2 and XBB 1.16

Be it H3N2 influenza infection or the new XBB 1.16 sub-variant of Corona, people feel problems like cough-fever, headache and body ache in both. In such a situation, how will you be able to find out the difference between the two viruses? This is a great question. The common symptoms of both these viruses may seem similar, but the treatment of both is different. H3N2 is a common virus that causes seasonal influenza. This is not a new virus. It is similar to the Influenza A virus. XBB 1.16, corona virus is a sub-variant.

H3N2 and XBB symptoms 

Seeing the symptoms of these two, no difference can be made between the infection. The difference can be understood only after the test, or only a doctor can help you differentiate between the two. Symptoms of H3N2 infection are wheezing, cough, high fever and pneumonia. On the other hand, in the variant associated with COVID, symptoms of headache, body ache, fatigue, sore throat and runny or blocked nose are seen. Both the viruses are spreading widely in the country, hence it is necessary to get tested whenever symptoms appear.

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