Coronavirus Cases Today: Nearly 12,000 cases of corona recorded in the last 24 hours in the country, 470 deaths

Coronavirus in India: Past 24 Hours 11 Thousands 919 New cases have come to light. Also 470 People died. Now the number of active cases in the country is one lakh. 28 Thousands 762 Is. Find out the latest status of Corona in the country today.

so far 4 Millions 64 Thousands 623 Death

"font-family: Arial Unicode MS;"> Thousands 242 People have recovered from Corona. At the same time, the number of deaths due to this epidemic is 4 Million 64 Thousands 623 Is done. Statistics so far total 3 Crore 38 Million 85 Thousands 132 People are infected.

Nationwide anti-vaccination campaign so far anti Coronavirus vaccine 114 More than crore doses have been given. Tomorrow 73 Million 44 Thousands 739 Doses were given , After which so far 114 Crore 46 Million 32 Thousands 851 Dosage vaccines have been given.

in Kerala 6849 New cases come up

Corona virus infection in Kerala 6849 New cases have come to light. Previous 24 During hours , Coronavirus infection in the state 61 People have died , Tomorrow in the state 6046 People are fine.

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