Congress President Election 2022: Malik Arjun Kharge will meet the leaders of Punjab, Haryana today before the election of the Congress President.

Chandigarh: Malik Arjun Kharge, who is contesting for the post of Indian National Congress (INC) President, will come to Chandigarh today. He will meet Punjab, Haryana and other Congress leaders. As the election dates for the post of Congress president draw closer, the rumor market is also heating up. One such rumor has spread in the last 1-2 days, in which it is being said that Sonia Gandhi herself has supported Malik Arjun Kharge’s candidature. It is also rumored that Malik Arjun Kharge had filed his nomination only at the request of Sonia Gandhi. 

Looking at such rumors spreading before the voting, the presidential candidate Malik Arjun Kharge appeared before the media on Tuesday and while responding to these rumors, rejected them completely.

On the question of the official candidate of the Gandhi family for the post of Congress president, Malik Arjun Kharge said that, "Someone has deliberately spread such rumours. His purpose is only to defame the party. Sonia Gandhi has clearly said that she will not participate in the presidential election. She is not going to contest in support of any candidate. Sonia suggested my name, that too is wrong. I never said that. He had made it clear at the very beginning that this time no member of the Gandhi family would participate in the election process."

Here is the complete program of Congress President election

The notification for the election of the President was issued on September 22. September 30 was the last date for filing nominations, while the last date for withdrawal of nominations was October 8. Voting will be held on October 17 while the election results will be announced on October 19.



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