Congress meeting: Sonia Gandhi’s meeting with senior party MPs to discuss strategy to encircle Modi government

Congress Meeting: Congress President Sonia Gandhi will meet senior party MPs in the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha on Thursday to take over the government in the coming winter session of Parliament. What are the issues to be raised in Parliament and the strategy to encircle the Modi government will be discussed. The season will pick up in the session. It was also decided in a virtual meeting of party leaders with Congress President Sonia Gandhi a few days ago that this time an attempt would be made in Parliament to surround the Modi government on issues like inflation, Pegasus, unemployment, China issue and Kovid. According to the information, the meeting will be held at 4 pm. This meeting will be attended by senior Congress leaders. It is believed that Sonia Gandhi will instruct the leaders on how to raise maximum issues during the session and compel the government to respond.

The winter session of Parliament starting November 29 Since then, the Congress government seems to be garnering a lot of headlines. Opposition parties have been attacking the Union government since the announcement of the repeal of agriculture laws. It is believed that the winter session can be quite tumultuous.

All party meeting convened before the start of the session

An all-party meeting has been convened on November 28 before the commencement. Besides, Rajya Sabha President and Vice President Venkaiah Naidu has convened a meeting of party leaders on November 28. The meeting will also discuss the smooth functioning and functioning of the House. At the same time, the government is working hard to pass more bills in the session and get more work done.

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