Congress found a photo of RSS khaki knicker being set on fire, BJP and RSS leaders expressed anger, the atmosphere may be bad

Congress Targeted RSS: Congress has made such a tweet during its Bharat Joko Yatra, regarding which a lot of controversy can arise in the political corridors. In a post from its official Twitter handle, the Congress shared a picture of the RSS outfit on fire. Through this picture, Congress has targeted RSS-BJP.

Posting the picture on Twitter, Congress wrote, "We are moving step by step towards the goal of ridding the country of the climate of hatred and undoing the damage done by the RSS-BJP."

Congress shares picture of RSS dress on fire

In the picture posted, the RSS dress is seen on fire at the bottom and Smoke is also rising. Along with this, it is written on the picture, ‘145 days more to go.’

To free the country from shackles of hate and undo the damage done by BJP-RSS.

Step by step, we will reach our goal.#BharatJodoYatra 🇮🇳

— Congress (@INCIndia) September 12, 2022


Jitin Prasad’s reaction to Congress’s controversial tweet

Congress’s controversial tweet Public Works Minister Jitin Prasad has reacted in Uttar Pradesh. He tweeted, “Political differences are natural and understandable, but is this kind of mentality required to burn political opponents? This politics of negativity and hatred should be condemned by all."

Tejashwi Surya also targeted the Congress tweet 

Political differences are natural and understandable but what sort of mindset calls for burning political opponents?
This politics of negativity and hate should be condemned by all.

— Jitin Prasada Jitin Prasada (@JitinPrasada) September 12, 2022

BJP Yuva Morcha National President and Member of Parliament from Bengaluru Tejaswi Surya has also hit out at the Congress tweet about RSS. In a post from his official Twitter handle, he wrote, "In 1984, Congress fire burnt Delhi. In 2002, 59 Kar Sevaks were burnt alive in Godhra. With Rahul Gandhi ‘fighting against the Indian state’, the Congress is no longer a political party that believes in constitutional instruments."

Congress fire burnt Delhi in 1984.

It’s ecosystem burnt alive 59 karsevaks in Godhra in 2002.

They have again given their ecosystem a call for violence.

With Rahul Gandhi ‘fighting against Indian State’, Congress ceases to be a political party with faith in constitutional means.

— Tejasvi Surya (@Tejasvi_Surya) September 12, 2022

Congress accuses BJP of breaking the country

Earlier, Congress leaders accused BJP and said It was said that some people are engaged in breaking the country, we have come out to unite the people. Rahul Gandhi will meet people from all sections of the country. Our journey is to eradicate hatred and increase mutual brotherhood and love.

BJP Congress making fun of Bharat Jodi Yatra 

Here BJP Congress making fun of the Bharat Joko Yatra. Union Minister Anurag Thakur made fun of Congress’ ‘Bharat Joko Yatra’ under the leadership of Rahul Gandhi and said that those who are working to break the country are now doing such yatras.

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