‘Commando’ dogs will be deployed in Kuno National Park to protect leopards, they will be given training, they will protect them from poachers.

New Delhi :  German Shepherd dogs will be deployed to protect the leopards brought from Namibia in Madhya Pradesh’s Kuno National Park. For this These German Shepherd dogs are being trained at the National Dog Training Center of the Indo-Tibetan Border Police Force (ITBP) at Panchkula. 
Indo-Tibetan Border Police Force’s Basic Training Center IG IS Duhan said that dogs are being trained to detect tiger skin and bones during a special training course. This training is being given with the support of WWF-India (World Wide Fund for Nature India). was All the eight leopards are currently under special surveillance. Specially trained dogs will be deployed to protect them from other animals and predators. Such commando dogs are meant for this kind of work. They are given special training.
Cheetah was last seen in 1948
Cheetah in India Last seen in 1948. In the same year, King Ramanuja Singhdev of Korea hunted three leopards. After this, leopards were not seen in India. Leopards were declared extinct by the government in 1952. After this, the Indian government tried to bring Asiatic leopards from Iran in 1970.

Talks were also held with the Iranian government, but this initiative was not successful, but now the Modi government has brought eight leopards from Namibia. . The central government has a plan to bring 50 leopards in five years. Let us tell you that 25 villagers have to leave their homes to settle the leopard in Kuno National Park.

Cats and Dogs: ‘Super Sniffer’ dog squad to protect Namibian cheetahs from poachers at Kuno

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