Cheetah in India: ‘Cheetah’ returns to India, Prime Minister releases eight cheetahs in Kuno Sanctuary

Cheetah in India : After more than seven decades i.e. seventy years, Cheetahs have returned to Indian soil. Eight cheetahs brought from Namibia were released by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Kuno Abaran. Among the eight cheetahs there are 4 females and 3 males. A special plane carrying eight cheetahs arrived at Gwalior Airport from Namibia. Then Prime Minister Narendra Modi released these cheetahs in the Kuno Sanctuary on his 72nd birthday.

The moment Prime Minister Narendra Modi released the cheetahs in the sanctuary

PM Modi releases 8 cheetahs in MP’s Kuno National Park

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Project Cheetah: Prime Minister Narendra Modi releases eight cheetahs in Kuno Sanctuary

Project Cheetah

  • Eight cheetahs have been brought to India today from Namibia. There are five females and three males.
  • The cheetahs have arrived in Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh by a special Boeing 747-400 aircraft from Namibia.
  • The cheetahs will be brought to Kuno National Park by helicopter from Gwalior.
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  • The cheetahs have reached India after covering a distance of 8,000 km in 20 consecutive hours.
  • A team of the Namibian Cheetah Conservation Division (CCF) is with the cheetahs.
  • Prime Minister Narendra Modi greets the cheetahs.
  • The cheetahs will be kept in quarantine for one month

Special facilities for cheetahs in Kuno National Park

Kuno National Park has special facilities for cheetahs. Cheetahs will be kept in quarantine for one month. Kuno National Park is a protected area spread over 748 square kilometers. A 12 km long fence has been constructed for the cheetahs in this park. Cheetahs will initially be housed in this habitat.

Challenges Facing Leopards

Cheetahs brought to India will face some challenges. Cheetahs have to adapt to the environment in India. The cheetahs will be kept under 24-hour surveillance. They will be kept in isolation i.e. quarantine in a special habitat of 12 km. Cheetahs have to hunt the animals here. The deer found in India is not found in Africa. So the question is whether cheetahs can hunt this animal. After observation the cheetahs will be released in the sanctuary.

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