Chawla gangrape: Convict released after death sentence, family angry, mother says, will to live gone

Chawla Case Supreme Court: All the three accused have been acquitted in the 2012 gangrape case in Delhi’s Chawla area. After acquitting the accused, the parents of the victim said, "We have not only lost the battle, but we have also lost the will to live." The victim’s father said that the Supreme Court has disappointed him with this verdict and has lost faith in the judiciary after fighting for more than 11 years.

Also alleged that the ‘system’ Taking advantage of their poverty. In 2014, a trial court sentenced the three accused to death, in this case "The rarest of the rare" was contracted Later the Delhi High Court upheld this decision. The three men are accused of kidnapping, raping and brutally murdering a 19-year-old girl in February 2012. His mutilated body was found three days after the abduction.

"I was living with hope"
The victim’s mother cried outside the Supreme Court and said, "Even after 11 years, this decision has come. We lost… We lost the battle… I was living with hope… My will to live is gone. ‘I thought my daughter would get justice. The victim’s father said, "What happened to criminals happened to us. For 11 years we have been wandering from house to house. The lower court also pronounced its decision. We were relieved. We also got assurance from the High Court but the Supreme Court Court disappointed us. What happened to criminals happened to us."

The death penalty was expected to continue
Women’s rights activists also criticized the Supreme Court’s decision. Women’s rights activist Yogita Bhayana, who was present with the victim’s parents outside the court, said, "I am totally shocked. In the morning, we fully expected the Supreme Court to uphold the death penalty and we also felt that they might. Commute the death penalty to life imprisonment."



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